The Environment Agency has launched a new crowd reporter website to enable Severn Valley residents to share details of flooding in their communities.

The Severn Valley Water Management Scheme (SVWMS) Crowd Reporter is a crowd-sourced mapping tool which can be used to submit descriptions and pictures of localised flooding. Residents are encouraged to use the tool to help the Environment Agency build a detailed picture of where flooding occurs across the Severn Valley catchment. Users can also submit ideas for future projects, locations of local or historical importance and any other general comments they have about the project.

The data will be used as part of the Severn Valley Water Management Scheme which aims to reduce flooding to communities along the River Severn. Users can submit information, photographs or drawings by clicking on a location and entering a description. There is no limit to the number of submissions that can be made or when the flood took place.

Adam Lines, Environment Agency Place Manager for Shropshire said:

Local people who live in the community are best placed to know where flooding occurs and any local concerns or opportunities, which is why we are asking for their help by sharing information that will help us to design nature-based flood management schemes to tackle flooding. The tool is a quick and easy way for us to collect data from the community and use it to build into the Severn Valley Water Management Project.’

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