Defra ‘Defra has published a consultation on the second tranche of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). We are proposing 23 new Marine Conservation Zones in English inshore and offshore waters. You can find further information about responding to the consultation in this letter. You can find the consultation document and supporting information including details of individual sites on the consultation page. Fishing Focus also covers this launch MCS  ‘Disappointingly, 14 sites have been dropped from a potential of 37 this time around. The future of the spiny seahorse, mantis shrimps and large seagrass meadows are now at risk after Studland, Bembridge, Norris to Ryde, and Yarmouth to Cowes have all been dropped. We believe that the remaining 23 sites being consulted on must be designated.,35B6Q,HARKHY,BA0AF,1

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