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Ask your Council to declare an urgent need for Ocean Recovery

‘Ocean Conservation Trust ‘COP26 has had a raft of Ocean-themed events, showing that the tide is turning on Ocean neglect. With 2021 being the start of the UN Ocean Decade, we want to support local and national governments take action to improve Ocean health. We are proud to have been part of creating a model for a UK first ‘Ocean Recovery Declaration’, and really pleased to see that Plymouth City Council are the first to officially debate their own version of it.

A model ‘Ocean Recovery Declaration’ – or Motion for the Ocean – seeks to help all local governments #thinkocean and identify ways they can make a difference. The model can be integrated with their climate emergency response, whether they are coastal or inland.

We are asking ALL local Councils to recognise that the world Ocean is a fundamental part of climate regulation and that it must be considered as part of an effective climate emergency response. It is vital to ensure that local Councils commit to supporting a more ecologically healthy sea and to rethink how Ocean is taken into account in planning and decision-making at local level.

After all, every person needs the Ocean to be healthy, wherever they live.’ Click here to read more

Click here to read the Plymouth version of the declaration

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