Land-based salmon farming – Norway leads the way – One estimate is that you’d need 10 of these to replace all of Scotland’s marine farms

The salmon farming company Baring Farsund will build the region’s largest land-based facility for post-smolt and harvest-ready fish. When completed, the plant will have an area of ​​more than 80,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of up to 24,000 tonnes of salmon.

Baring Farsund is pleased that Agder County Municipality has given the green light for the project.

“We have worked for several years with the farming plans and have had a good dialogue with local authorities throughout the process. It is rewarding to engage in business development when local politicians and authorities want us well and want to contribute to growth for the blue industry in Sørlandet,” said chairman Roald Reme in a press release.

The plant will extract all energy from renewable sources, such as solar, wind and water, with 99.5 per cent of the seawater used in production being recycled.

Arnt Abrahamsen, mayor of Farsund, is happy that the license came into place.

“This is an important industrial project that will have major ripple effects for Farsund and the entire region. Baring Farsund will create value and new jobs. We will be a competence region for sustainable and land-based production of seafood,” said Abrahamsen.

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