Corporate leaders group – CBI, TUC, Green Alliance, WWF – writes to Government urging action

Climate Change Committee Just published: COP26: Key outcomes and next steps for the UK

CCC ‘COP26 concluded with a material increase in ambitions to reduce emissions across the world and the launch of a raft of new initiatives and sector deals. This is a step forward, but how far Glasgow can be considered a success can only be assessed by the actions that follow over the coming year and beyond. There is now a path to expected global warming of under 2°C, but only if all the ambition in new mid-century Net Zero targets is delivered, alongside national 2030 emissions targets. Current climate policies around the world do not come close to achieving these aims.

Following COP26, global temperatures are set to rise by around 2.7°C. The new ‘Glasgow Climate Pact’ focuses on the 2020s as the critical period for accelerating climate action. Only concrete steps by 2030 will close the growing gap between ambition for 1.5°C and real-world delivery. This is a crucial 12 months.

That’s the conclusion of a new independent assessment of COP26 and the critical next steps for the UK, published today by the Climate Change Committee (CCC). Chairman, Lord Deben, said:

“The UK must not walk away after COP26. Glasgow was a step forward in global efforts to address climate change, including a genuine increase in ambition to reduce emissions worldwide. We also saw important technical advances, with new rules agreed for reporting emissions and on international carbon trading, and multiple initiatives and sector deals. This is real and welcome progress, but success depends on what happens now.

“The next year is critical for climate action in the UK and internationally. At home, we need to walk the talk and urgently deliver actions in the Net Zero Strategy. Globally, the UK must continue to encourage stronger action on climate and insist on rapid emissions reductions and stronger adaptation through all diplomatic channels. The ultimate success of the Glasgow Climate Pact will be measured in climate risks averted, not words on a page.”

The CCC has made a series of new recommendations to Government, for action at home and internationally.’

Read about the CCC’s COP26 assessment here

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