Environment Agency – Updated 25th November 2021

Water Briefing ‘Environment Agency warns reduced funding is impacting its ability to deal with pollution incidents.

The Environment Agency says that its attendance at pollution incidents is reducing as funding to deal with them has been reduced. The EA is warning that more serious pollution incidents are caused by activities it does not regulate and that “resources are needed to fund this work because one day one could be catastrophic.”

The warning comes in the Agency’s new report for England Regulating for people, the environment and growth 2020 which focusses on the environmental performance of its regulated customers in 2020, covering compliance, pollution incidents, crime and emissions.

The report says that some prolonged non-compliance is due to the behaviour of regulated businesses, while some is due to not having the right regulations or regulatory frameworks.

According to the Agency, environmental regulations were not conceived to accommodate rapid environmental changes and are not yet ready for climate change.

Also Environment Agency Report 2020-2021


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