UKMPG  Ports as Hubs for Sustainable Energy The UK Major Ports Group (“UKMPG”), the trade association for the UK’s largest port operators, has today called on the Government to establish a dedicated ‘Green Ports Fund’. The fund would co-invest alongside industry in green assets and infrastructure which are technologically proven but currently unaffordable, delivering major emissions reductions today. Examples of such investments would be the infrastructure required for electrically charging ships in ports and the new generation of electric and hydrogen powered port equipment.

A ‘Green Ports Fund’ would see Government working alongside the industry to deliver resource efficient, zero emissions solutions and the “Green Revolution”. Alongside the benefits of cleaner energy, an investment plan should also provide increased potential for jobs generation and economic investment in coastal communities.

Tim Morris, Chief Executive of the UK Major Ports Group, said “Ports are vital for a zero emissions future. They are already playing a big role today, both as key trade gateways but also as enablers for green energy. But to go further and faster we need the UK Government to replicate successful models we see elsewhere in the world and invest significantly alongside industry in solutions that can be implemented today. Last week’s Comprehensive Spending Review included more than £300 million for zero emissions transport transition. It’s vital that ports and maritime get a substantial share of this funding. For example, implementing a Norway style scheme for coinvesting in shore power – the electrical charging of ships in ports – in the UK could require around £185 million.”

The call came as UKMPG launched its ‘UK Ports: Vital hubs for sustainability and growth’ document, an overview of the multifaceted role ports play in delivering a zero emissions future for the UK, at the COP 26 International Maritime Hub in Glasgow. The document and an infographic are attached.

Notes to Editors: About the UK Major Ports Group

The UK Major Ports Group is the trade body for the UK’s major port operators. It represents nine of the top ten port operators in UK. Our members collectively handle 75% of the UK’s port volumes through 40 ports. These include the largest ports in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. UKMPG members together already invest around £500 million per year in the UK’s ports and related infrastructure.   Click here to read more

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