The final agreement 

In covering the COP26 conference in its vast complexity some points have struck me:

  • The reports from UNEP Emissions Gap, World Meterological Society, Climate Tracker & Chatham House provide the science and stark warnings
  • The huge diversity of civil society activity covering a huge array of activities – including at least five major parallel agreements (see below)
  • That the event provides a vast shot in the arm for raising awareness and action levels
  • The outcome that the high level policy process will now become an annual event
  • The difficulty of herding the 196 countries to sign one document is always going to be messy.
  • There is increasing clarity over who is blocking further action e.g. Australia (see below)

COP26 Topic Agreements set-up major coalitions of the willing on forests, methane & finance
  Forests & Land-use agreement (continue)
  Methane agreement (continue)
  Finance Day – Mark Carney & Rishi Sunak (continue)
  Adaptation COP26 to deliver adaptation funding boost, but fears grow over worsening climate impacts
  Carbon sinks & nature UK leads 45 Governments in new pledges to strengthen nature to protect and expand carbon sink

Australia has been singled out after winning the “colossal fossil” award for its “appalling” performance at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, environmentalists said.

Another perspective on Australia’s position at COP26: Do not watch this is you are upset by bad language. A brutal, frank reckoning on COP26 – the Australien way.

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