Defra & MMO ‘The MMO is exploring a range of solutions for the fishing industry after the recent closures of key fisheries as a last resort measure. Options include establishing a Have Your Say panel to get industry views on future fisheries management. This work is building on the quota surgeries already put in place, where the MMO regularly talks to fishermen at a local level to decide how regional fisheries will be managed. Further cuts in quota set at a European level are strongly expected in future years and this will only increase the chance of future closures, unless different ways of fisheries management are explored. As an example, UK quota for skates and rays in the North Sea has reduced by over 50 percent since 2006 and almost 80 percent since 2000.  High levels of fishing in Spring/Summer 2014 has meant quotas are in even shorter supply toward the end of this year, especially after a harsh winter drove higher than normal activity in later months. The MMO has the difficult balancing act of maximising the quota available to fishermen while ensuring that quota limits are not exceeded, subjecting the UK to penalties that would impact next year’s quotas even further.’

Fishing Focus – The Autumn edition is covering its usual wide range of issues including:


  • Reforming inshore fisheries – Fixed quota allocations – Process discussions and timetables
  • The European Commission’s proposals for 2015 – fishing opportunities –under the reformed CFP … including MSY considerations
  • Discard ban – the Landings Obligations – application to all quota species
  • Annual sea fisheries statistics
  • Fishing Vessel licence reform
  • Defra want to know what you think about its plans to amend the fishing vessel licensing requirements in England. Deadline is 26 November 2014. See
  • Avoiding the spurdog by-catch
  • Update on fisheries in European Marine Sites – progress across Europe
  • Bass stock management & European Commissions proposals
  • Angling summit
  • Drift net ban
  • And much more

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