Future of seaside towns: updated government response to the select committee report

The updated response to the House of Lords Select Committee on the future of seaside towns at the request of the Chair of the Liaison Committee.  This is the updated government response to the House of Lords Select Committee report on regenerating seaside towns and communities, looking at the future of seaside towns, which was published on 4 April 2019. The original government response was published on 4 June 2019.

The Committee looked closely at a wide range of issues affecting seaside towns and the government has considered the Committee’s findings carefully in formulating its response, which supports the vast majority of the report’s recommendation. This is demonstrated by the progress made in the updated response.

The government’s updated response demonstrates our ongoing commitment to levelling up all parts of the country, including our seaside towns and coastal communities. It highlights the work being undertaken to help develop sustainable coastal towns and communities strengthening their appeal as places to live, work and visit.

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