Anyone working on plastic pollution should start the day looking at these graphs of the projected growth in plastic production … here is the link to those graphs . We need measures that really reduce the scale of pointless plastic items.

Greenpeace Video ‘The UK government wants to be seen as a leader in tackling plastic pollution. They keep saying the right things but what they’re doing is harming people, wildlife and our oceans. We’ve made a video that washes away all of their plastic hypocrisy, can you help expose the UK government and watch and share this video? Greenpeace video on the plastic pollution problem.’

Turkey to ban our plastic waste which is being dumped and burned

Plastic Waste Makers index identifies those driving climate crisis with virgin polymer production

Guardian ‘Twenty companies are responsible for producing more than half of all the single-use plastic waste in the world, fuelling the climate crisis and creating an environmental catastrophe, new research reveals. Among the global businesses responsible for 55% of the world’s plastic packaging waste are both state-owned and multinational corporations, including oil and gas giants and chemical companies, according to a comprehensive new analysis. The Plastic Waste Makers index reveals for the first time the companies who produce the polymers that become throwaway plastic items, from face masks to plastic bags and bottles, which at the end of their short life pollute the oceans or are burned or thrown into landfill.’

Plastic Waste Makers index report – click here

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