Flood and coastal resilience innovation programme

The programme will allocate £150 million of the £200 million to 25 local areas which have now been identified. For some, a local area might be a county, city, town or village. For others, a place could mean a river catchment, a tidal estuary or part of the coast. On average each area will receive £6 million between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2027.

With this funding, projects will demonstrate how practical innovative actions can work to improve resilience to flooding and coastal erosion. These ‘resilience actions’ can be individual or a combination of actions. Resilience actions might include:

  • nature based solutions
  • sustainable drainage systems
  • approaches for making existing properties more flood resilient
  • encouraging local businesses to improve their flood resilience
  • building community and voluntary sector capacity to respond and recover

The remaining funding will be used for other flooding and coastal resilience activities. This will include work on long term planning for climate adaptation in the Thames and Humber estuaries, the Severn Valley and Yorkshire. In these areas, they will develop new ways to better plan for future flooding and coastal change and adapt to a changing climate.

The Environment Agency received 79 eligible expressions of interest (EOI) by the deadline of 29 January 2021.

An assessment panel of experts independently reviewed the EOIs. The experts were from a range of partner organisations and technical specialists from Defra and the Environment Agency’s national teams.

The 25 places selected to proceed to the next stage of the programme and are listed on the website below.

The latest news about the programme is on our SharePoint site. If you would like access to the SharePoint site please email InnovativeResilience@environment-agency.gov.uk

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