South West Water sets out £92m Green Recovery plans

South West Water has published its Green Recovery Initiative – a plan to create up to 500 new jobs and help the region’s economy recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The proposals will increase South West Water’s environmental investment to 2025 by £92 million, with six projects focused on improving public health, protecting the environment and addressing climate change.

The plans have been submitted to the Government and South West Water’s regulators. If given the go-ahead, they would see the water company’s existing £1 billion investment programme increase by 10%, creating hundreds of new jobs over the next four years, benefiting the wider supply chain, and providing opportunities for South West Water’s existing workforce to gain new green skills.

The South West’s economy has been one of the hardest hit by Covid-19. As one of the largest companies in the region, South West Water’s Green Recovery Initiative is focused on opportunities to make an even bigger and more societal contribution, with six projects focused on improving public health, protecting the environment and addressing climate change.

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Anglian Water sets out plans for record-breaking year of £630 million investment in 2021

Anglian Water has unveiled a massive £630 million investment programme for the year ahead – the largest investment ever planned for a single year will be spent across the entire East of England.

The funds will be ploughed into areas of work specifically aimed at preparing the region to meet the urgent challenges of climate change and population growth. The water company will also be investing heavily in maintaining and improving customer service, continuing to drive down leakage, providing top quality drinking water and protecting against severe weather such as drought and flooding.

Projections suggest bills in the year ahead will fall despite the vast programme of work – the average water bill is expected be £12 lower next year at £422 for the year, or just £1.16 a day, with metered customers who only pay for what they use saving even more.

Operating in the driest region of the UK, Anglian Water has often highlighted the future challenges of water scarcity facing the East of England. The company’s largest ever five-year business plan, which began in 2020, outlined ground-breaking schemes specifically designed to tackle this challenge. The proposals were wholeheartedly endorsed by customers. Click here to read more

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