Oceana, New Report 10 Actions  ‘These are turbulent times. One million species are at risk of extinction and the ecosystems supporting our lives are on the verge of breaking down¹; we are embroiled in the worst pandemic the world has experienced for 100 years; and climate change impacts are already biting with unprecedented heating, ice melting and climate refugees. EU seas are feeling the heat: Member States have failed to achieve ‘good environmental status’ for our seas and the combined impacts are on a path to cross complex planetary boundaries — triggering irreversible changes to the ecological conditions under which humanity has evolved and thrived2. President von der Leyen and many EU Heads of State or government joined the Leaders Pledge for Nature at the UN Summit on Biodiversity3, committing to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. The European Commission’s Biodiversity and Farm to Fork Strategies are a blueprint for delivering on that pledge. This document is a toolkit of ocean-related solutions that EU decision-makers, including the Commission, Member State ministers and MEPs, can use to translate those two strategies into tangible and binding action.

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