Anglian water ‘A new study is warning that up to a quarter of wet wipes sold in the UK could end up in the sewer network – and that wipes containing plastic fibres make up 80% of items being wrongly flushed. Anglian Water has conducted a study of plastics being wrongly flushed into one of their water recycling centres, finding wet wipes the biggest culprit along with a variety of other household products. The study, in partnership with the School of Chemistry at the University of East Anglia and consultancy Mott MacDonald, involved taking a number of random samples from the skips at the water recycling centre in Newmarket. As part of the initial screening process of waste water, any rubbish is removed and collected before the water goes onto the next stage of the treatment process. The rubbish samples were analysed to identify the quantity and types of plastic removed at this early stage, to understand what types of items these plastics originally came from.

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