The House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy has launched a new inquiry into EU Regional Marine Co-operation

  • EU      Regional Marine Co-operation – Call for Evidence

Areas of interest

  • What are the principal risks to the EU’s      marine environment? How much of a threat are conflicts between users of      marine environments, such as energy developers and the fishing industry,      and conflicts between policies designed to protect the environment and      those that are designed to boost economic growth?
  • How effective is regional cooperation on      marine policy between Member States in the EU? What more can be done      particularly in the North Sea? What are the advantages and disadvantages      of regional cooperation?
  • What are the basic requirements to      develop a coherent and flexible regional approach to marine cooperation?      Is an ideal model identifiable, particularly for the North Sea?

This review has been completed – Fisheries: review of the balance of competences

This report examines the balance of competences between the United Kingdom and the European Union in the area of fisheries. It is a reflection and analysis of the evidence submitted by experts, non-governmental organisations, business people, elected representatives and other interested parties, as well as a literature review of relevant material. Where appropriate, the report sets out the current position agreed within the coalition government for handling this policy area in the EU. It does not predetermine or prejudge proposals that either coalition party may make in the future for changes to the EU or about the appropriate balance of competences. A document containing all of the evidence submitted to this report is published alongside the main report. The call for evidence and legal annex were published in October 2013.

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