Set against the backdrop of almost no reductions in water consumption across the UK, Anglian Water are working through a host of initiatives through their Love Every Drop programme to move to 100lppd. For example incentives to help new homes reduce their consumption across their region.

Water UK & WaterWise  Vast majority of Brits have no idea how much water they use each day

  • Research reveals 46% of people believe their household uses under 20 litres a day
  • A further 17% believe they consume between 20 and 39 litres a day while 15% think they use 40 to 59 litres
  • The average person in the UK uses 142 litres of water a day compared with 121 litres in Germany

This bank holiday as record numbers of people stay at home, Water UK and water efficiency experts Waterwise have joined forces to call for more to be done to educate the public about their water use.

The call comes as new research shows that 46% believe their household uses under 20 litres a day (roughly equivalent to taking a 2-minute shower) when the true figure is closer to 142 litres per person per day. This means an average family of four in the UK could use more than 500 litres each day.

To help people understand the amount of water they use, water companies want government to do more to embed water efficiency in our national psyche.

They are calling on government to use the Environment Bill to introduce water efficiency measures, such as labels on washing machines and dishwashers to show how much water they use, and smarter building regulations to cut water waste.

The misconception is most acute amongst the young with 66% of 18-34-year-olds believing their household uses under 20 litres. However, the lack of awareness continues throughout the age groups with a quarter (26%) of over-65s answering the same.

However, while people are unsure about the amount of water they consume, the vast majority (68%) say they are willing to reduce the amount of water they use at home to help protect the environment.

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2019-2020 PCC figures published

The 2019-2020 annual average per capita consumption (PCC) data has recently been added to the Discover Water website – see image.

There has been a slight reduction in household consumption from an average of 143 litres per person per day in 2018-2019 to 142 per person per day last year although the picture is mixed when it comes to individual water companies.

The results also highlight a growing gap in consumption levels between those with meters who average 129 lppd and those without meters at 171 lppd supporting calls for faster rollout of water metering to help reduce consumption and reduce leakage.

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