This is a really interesting and helpful project which is seeking to better understand land use and water management; their newsletter is a mine of information.

Click here for more information DTC Newsletter July 2014

Lessons from seeing understanding what others are doing by site visits – some really interesting examples in this newsletter including:

(There are PDF links in the majority of these examples)


  • Pontbren farmers initiative – woodland shelterbelt creation leading to better drainage. I enjoyed this one in particular because it is farmer lead and is producing multiple benefits and is becoming better understood.


  • Rothamstead in particular in reducing the environmental impact of maize cultivation


  • Eden catchment to look at moorlands and state of the art dairy farming


  • Wensum catchment: the financial aspects of large arable business


  • Wensum high spring rainfall – unseasonal flushes of nitrate


And much more ….

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