Energy efficiency and conservation are a no-brainer and yet the Government in their management of the Green Deal have gone from bust to boom to bust in a few short weeks. From being almost the least successful programme a Government has run it has opened and then closed unable to cope with demand. Another peculiar example of the Government’s approach to ‘Green’.

Daily Telegraph:  ‘Surge in applications from homeowners to receive up to £7,600 cashback for energy efficiency works means Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is now empty. £120m scheme offering households cashback for installing energy-efficient home improvements was shut down with immediate effect on Thursday night after funds were exhausted in just six weeks.

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) offered households up to £7,600 each – enough to cover the majority, or in some cases all, of the cost of various measures such as insulation or new doors and windows.  On Tuesday ministers announced that they planned to lower the cashback levels on offer as of Friday because £50m had already been allocated.  But in a statement rushed out at 7pm, ministers announced that “due to overwhelming popular demand”, the fund was instead “closed for applications with immediate effect”.  “A surge in applications over the last two days means the allocated budget has now been reached,” it said.’

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