BlueHealth is a pan-European research initiative investigating the links between urban blue spaces, climate and health.

It is combining interdisciplinary approaches to examine how wellbeing might be promoted through the development of blue infrastructure.

Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, BlueHealth has brought together over 90 researchers from nine European institutions. It ends in June 2020.

The BlueHealth Toolbox provides guidance for urban planners and designers. it has been created to help maximise these benefits while protecting the environment.

The Toolbox consists of six online tools. Each provides information linked to a site’s characteristics and works at a particular spatial scale – from site to country-level.

The tools can be used at any point when a blue space is being modified, but are most effective when used pre, during and post-intervention.

Download the toolbox for a full description of each tool or click on the links below:

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