UK Water Research and Innovation Group Growing demand for water and the management of weather extremes are just a few of the complex challenges faced by cities. A holistic approach to water and cities is needed that integrates with other critical city issues, such as, transport, economy and health. A range of partners will need to work together to ensure that cities become sustainable and resilient. An invitation-only UKWRIP workshop, sponsored by ESKTN, was held in Birmingham on 27 February 2014 to bring together some of the key players in urban water. The workshop mapped out current research investments in water and cities, and identified a number of opportunities to improve the UK’s approach to water and cities. Talks at the workshop were provided by Mark Fletcher (Global Water Leader, ARUP), Nick Grayson (Climate Change and Sustainability Manager, Birmingham City Council) and Professor David Butler (Director, Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter).

Click here for the workshop report  

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