Usual characteristics of normal major floods

  • Horrifying flood warning maps … with severe warnings in place
  • A month’s rain fell in ….’ In this case on saturated ground
  • ‘Record levels’ of flow in the rivers
  • Prolonged rain, high river levels and warnings
  • Some defences work … whilst the problem is pushed further down the catchment and causes flooding downstream
  • Emergency services doing their best – EA – Fire – Police at their limits – suffering under massive cuts in expenditure
  • Homes without adequate insurance – poorest suffering most
  • Time to rethink the resources needed and what the solutions might be

Some commentary:

11th November Environment Agency status report – issues ongoing

John Curtin 07/11/2019, 21:41

We’re approaching record river levels on the Derwent in Derbyshire #Matlock – and 100 flood warnings across the nation. Please follow advice of emergency services and our flood warning updates here #floodaware #staysafe …

John Curtin 09/11/2019, 06:49   The River Don at Doncaster and the Derwent at Derby both peaked at record levels overnight. Although river levels are falling dangerous flood waters remain so we still have seven Severe Flood Warnings in force. Stay safe with our latest warnings here …

The Guardian  9th November  The flood waters may be receding, but anger rises in weary Doncaster

8th November: BBC

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