A new report shows the majority of England’s regulated businesses are working to protect the environment and support prosperity, although more work is needed to reduce serious pollution incidents and illegal waste activity.

Published today, the Environment Agency’s (EA) annual Regulating for People, Environment and Growth (RPEG) report reveals that greenhouse gas emissions from industry have been cut by half in the last 10 years and compliance rates of energy efficiency and emissions trading schemes are above 98%.

It also shows 92% of operators demonstrated good compliance with their environmental permit conditions. A record 72% of the waste produced by activities with permits was recovered, and high levels of bathing water quality have been maintained.

The report gives an overview of the regulatory performance of all businesses with environmental permits in England and shows the effectiveness of the EA’s regulatory approach.

Earlier this month, the EA set itself the aim of becoming a net zero organisation by 2030 – ensuring that its own activities and its supply chain are taking as much carbon out of the atmosphere as it is putting into it. Click here to read more

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