The following JNCC Reports have been published on the new JNCC website:

JNCC Report No. 633: A calorific map of harbour porpoise prey in the North Sea

JNCC Report No. 632: 1517S Cruise Report: Monitoring survey of North-east Faroe Shetland Channel NCMPA, Wyville-Thomson Ridge SAC & West Shetland Shelf NCMPA

JNCC Report No. 630: 1218S Cruise Report: Monitoring survey of Faroe-Shetland Sponge Belt NCMPA, Rosemary Bank Seamount NCMPA and Wyville Thomson Ridge SAC

JNCC Report No. 629: Design of a monitoring plan for the Southern North Sea candidate Special Area of Conservation and wider area

JNCC Report No. 628: Development of a Removals Limit Algorithm (RLA) to set limits to anthropogenic mortality of small cetaceans to meet specified conservation objectives, with an example implementation for bycatch of harbour porpoise in the North Sea

JNCC Report No. 627: Red-Throated Diver Energetics Project – 2018 Field Season Report

JNCC Report No. 616: MRV Scotia 1111S Cruise report: Survey of Scottish Marine Protected Areas Search Features north of Rona and within the ‘windsock’ closure area

JNCC Report No. 612: Identification of Littoral and Sublittoral Rock biotopes from community analysis results

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for use in marine monitoring – Marine Monitoring Platform Guidelines No.3

JNCC/Cefas Partnership Report Series No. 25: Wight Barfleur Reef and Bassurelle Sandbank – cSAC Management Survey

JNCC/Cefas Partnership Report Series No. 20: Offshore seabed survey of Turbot Bank possible MPA

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