Labour table a motion to asking for the declaration of a Climate Emergency (Guardian) putting the Government in a very difficult spot not least among younger voters. Parliament agree Labour motion on the climate emergency. The emerging theme from Greta Thunberg (Defra) that the older generations have simply done too little is gaining traction. Harking back to an Environment Act passed 10 years ago is clearly no longer enough.  Michael Gove meets with Extinction Rebellion activists and admits more needs to be done. No clear outcome from meeting – activists to continue (BBC).  “Of course there is a climate emergency” – Rory Stewart (ex Conservative Environment Minister).

These activities make space for others to communicate key messages. The chair and CEO of the Environment Agency both get climate change … Climate Change Emergency was the subject of a speech given by Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, today at the Whitehall and Industry Group. In the speech he argued that climate change is simply the biggest issue there is: the biggest threat out there to our economy, environment, health, way of life, and our future.

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