ICE ‘As part of our bicentenary celebrations, ICE will host a special lecture on 19 September exploring the past, present and future of water engineering.   We cannot live without water; access to it, and its use and disposal have defined civilisation. Globally the combination of increasing urbanisation, population growth and climate change offer new challenges, but technological changes also offer new possibilities.

Presented by Professor Chris Binnie, the ICE 200 lecture will look back at the progress made in water engineering during the Institution’s first hundred years – as seen through the eyes of Chris’ great-grandfather – London’s Chief Engineer and an ICE President.

Professor Binnie will discuss progress made in the last 100 years, before casting forward to possibilities for the future. The final act will be presented as a lecture from a Mars colony – looking at how population growth, climate change, sea level rise, increased flooding, greater droughts, and the development of technology changed the water landscape and how engineers coped with the challenges. Click here for more details

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