The next phase of the discard ban is introduced to encourage sustainable fishing.

Defra Published 2 January 2018

From today (2 January), fishermen targeting certain fish in the North Sea must land everything they catch as the next phase of the discard ban for demersal species comes into force, Fisheries Minister George Eustice has announced. The discard ban, also known as the landing obligation will encourage sustainable fishing by ending the wasteful practice of throwing dead fish overboard.

It has been gradually introduced to allow time for fishermen to adapt to the new rules, and today, the existing ban for cod, whiting and saithe has been extended to include more vessels in the North Sea. Fishermen targeting saithe in North Western Waters, including the Irish Sea, will be required to land it for the first time.

Commenting on the next phase of the discard ban, Fisheries Minister George Eustice said:

The UK is leading the way in championing sustainable fishing, and the latest phase of the discard ban will help put an end to the wasteful practice of throwing fish back, dead, overboard.

Together with careful quota management, the discard ban will help us create a profitable fishing industry and safeguard our marine environment.

Today’s extension of the discard ban follows the successful introduction of the pelagic ban in January 2015 and the demersal ban in 2016.

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