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1. Omitting the Precautionary principle & the polluter pays from the European Withdrawal Bill (EUWB)   Guardian:UK withdrawal bill ‘rips the heart out of environmental law’, say campaigners. New bill omits key ‘precautionary’ principle requiring developers and industry to prove actions will not harm wildlife or habitats as well as the ‘polluter pays’ protections’.

2. Greener UK Risk tracker

Greener UK: Most of the UK’s environmental protections stem from EU law and so could be changed as a result of Brexit. Greener UK has created this Risk Tracker to show which policy areas are more secure, and which are most at risk. We hope the UK government will go further than simply safeguarding protections, to take advantage of the great opportunity of restoring nature and our natural resources within a generation, as set out in the Greener UK vision.

Polling in December 2016 found that 80 per cent of the British public think the UK should have the same or stronger levels of environmental protection after we leave the EU. But pressure to agree new trade deals and remove regulations could lead the government to water down standards, leaving nature worse off and potentially threatening public health.

We have assigned traffic light ratings to each significant policy area, to indicate low (green), medium (amber) or high risk (red). Click on a traffic light icon for our analysis of the level of risk and to see the supporting evidence in the UK government’s statements and track record.

Click here to see the Tracker and read the quarterly report

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