Dismal year for Thames as another fine is imposed this time by Ofwat. WWF responds to Thames Water fine of £8.55m for missing leakage targets by 47m litres per day. Rose O’Neill, Water Policy Manager at WWF responded to news that Thames Water has been fined £8.55m for missing leakage targets by 47m litres per day.

“This fine is a damning indictment of Thames Water’s failure to grasp one of the top priorities for customers and for our natural environment. But more action on leakage is needed all across the country – with April being the driest on record it is a travesty that a third of all water that is taken from the natural environment is still wasted – through leaky pipes, inefficient processes, and waste in the home.

“Wastage of water is not only bad for our environment and costly to our wildlife, but it is costing the consumers more and more in water bills. Often it is cheaper to drain a river dry than fix a leak, which is one reason why we have seen so many rivers dry up this spring. “Tackling leaks is a top priority for customers and for wildlife, so we urgently need more action from all water companies.”

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