Unlike the immediacy of flooding events droughts by their very nature creep up slowly, and then once people realise, they are upon us. Three articles which provide food for thought.

Water Briefing: Drought on the horizon for the UK?

The widespread publication of reports in the national press and media flagging up the prospect of drought looming on the horizon for the UK. The reports followed on from the publication by the Met Office of the latest monthly rainfall statistics for April. The UK as a whole has seen just 47% of the average April rainfall (6% up on the figure on 26 April). Scotland has been the wettest area with 65mm (up from 62.5mm record to the 26 April) and southern England the driest area with 16mm (up from 8.1mm record to the 26 April).

Environment Agency weekly rainfall reports:


Nicci Russell Managing Director, Waterwise:

What has water efficiency ever done for us and PR19? These PR19 plans are crucial to deliver for both customers and the environment. Blueprint has a number of priorities for these plans, one of which is water efficiency.

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