Advertising with CMS

  1. Contacting CMS

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your advertising options, please contact Jayne who will be pleased to help:


Jayne O’Nions  |  |  07759 134801

  1. Introduction

Our email advertising service offers an engaging and cost effective opportunity of circulating an advertisement by email to the sustainability, water, environmental and marine community.

We have been mailing and working with our listing of 9000+ recipients for more than 20 years; these comprise independent professionals, government bodies and charitable organisations. During this time we have circulated emails for over 285 clients.

The recipients on our lists are interested in marine, water, environmental topics and job vacancies.

  1. Advertising Job Vacancies, Events, Publicity & other activities/reports

How your advert is promoted: there are three main elements to our service:

  1. The main service is provided by direct mailing your advert to our Jobs/Water/Marine contacts who have signed up to receive our mailings (the most relevant list).
  2. The details are uploaded to the CMS website (to the Jobs, News or Events column).
  3. The details are promoted in the CMS Newsletters every Tuesday and Thursday; these mailings reach 9000+ contacts.


How to place an advert:

Email the following to

  1. Advert text in word format (include web-links to the relevant information on your website)
  2. Logos/images in gif or jpeg
  3. Order form
  1. Circulation Lists:

Below are the circulation lists with the number of recipients. Advertisements will be circulated to the relevant list(s). Vacancies will be circulated to the Job Vacancy list immediately and also included in the CMS Weekly Newsletters (9000+ recipients) which provides 2 x weekly exposure for the duration of the vacancy.

Events, News, tenders, reports, consultations and other advertisements will also be included in the CMS Weekly Newsletters.

Circulation Lists               Recipients

All Lists                              7400+

Job Vacancies                   3900+

Marine                               5400+

Water                                 4100+

  1. Rate Card: Provides costs for advertising Job Vacancies, Events, Publicity and other activities/reports.
  1. Order Form: To be completed and emailed with advert information to
  1. Clients: We have worked with over 285 clients for over 20 years, many of whom use our service on a regular basis.
  1. Testimonials: View the feedback provided by our clients.
  1. Additional Information:
  • Discounts: We offer 10% discount for 3+ and 20% discount for 10+ adverts. We will raise an invoice for the multiple adverts, which will be payable under the usual terms & conditions; these mailings can be circulated to suit your marketing requirements, there isn’t any deadline. Please contact Jayne to discuss.


Jayne O’Nions  |  |  07759 134801


  • Multiple vacancies: You can include more than one post in the one advert, we often find that adverts with multiple vacancies attract higher click & open rates.


  • Feedback/Statistical Reporting: After the closing date we will provide feedback on the click and open rates for both the direct mailing and the weekly publicity in the CMS Newsletters.


  • Real time testing and feedback: Try it and see; you might want to see this advertising as a trial and we’d be happy to engage with you on this and provide feedback as necessary. You might want to consider a programme of adverts for the event. We find that what you promote varies from the beginning to the days leading up to the event.


  • We can provide free advice on promoting your event: On wording, approaches and timing of advertising since we have been working on this for over 200+ events that have used emailing approaches for over 20 years.


  • VAT: Will be charged at the standard rate. Charities do not qualify for VAT relief; this is because our direct email service is sent to selected individuals, not the general public. Please see the relevant reference in the Charity Advertising VAT notice 701/58, January 2019.