The Time is Now:  To deal with the climate crisis we must bring back nature back on an ambitious scale

The world is starting to take note of the threat of climate catastrophe. In response, the UK government has joined many governments around the world in setting a net zero emissions target in law.

Yet we cannot tackle the climate crisis without similar ambition to meet the nature crisis head on – the two are inseparable. The climate crisis is driving nature’s decline; the loss of wildlife and habitats leaves us ill-equipped to reduce our emissions and adapt to change.

Nature’s incredible ability to trap carbon safely and provide other important benefits is proven. But nature in the UK is in a sorry state and important habitats are damaged and declining. Rapid cuts in our emissions must be matched with determined action to fix our broken ecosystems, so they can help stabilise our climate. We must bring nature back across at least 30% of land and sea by 2030. Restoring wild places will also revive the natural richness we all depend upon, making our lives happier and healthier.

The Wildlife Trusts have a big part to play in delivering this recovery. We are already stepping up to the challenge, but we also need decision makers, communities, businesses and everyone else to come along with us. “Emission cuts must be matched with action to fix our broken ecosystems, so they can help stabilise our climate.”

Craig Bennett CEO, The Wildlife Trusts

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