The Fisheries Bill has resumed its passage through Parliament in the House of Lords. (June 22nd)

The MCS blog (below) makes the case for cameras on fishing boats – it reminded me that WWF produced a report on this in 2017 – click here to read this

Five reasons why cameras on boats can help end overfishing for good

Marine Conservation Society ‘We need to see ambitious action to end overfishing now. Over 40% of assessed fish populations are subject to overfishing, ranking UK fisheries among the most heavily exploited in the world. Less than 1% of fishing trips in the UK are independently monitored, meaning we simply don’t have enough information to safeguard the health of our marine life. The Fisheries Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament, offers a unique opportunity to take decisive action and future-proof our fisheries.

In its present form, the Bill doesn’t include a commitment to fully document and verify what is caught at sea. The single most effective change that can be made to the Bill is to introduce camera systems on boats fishing in UK waters – particularly larger +10m boats. Known as Remote Electronic Monitoring with cameras (REM), this technology collects data about where and how fishing is happening.’

To read more click here

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