R016 – Co-location displacement in the marine area

Last updated 6 September 2018

MMO ‘A key issue in all marine plan areas is the optimisation of space through promoting compatibility and encouraging co-existence between different activities. As such co-existence or displacement of activities should be considered within marine planning. An evaluation approach providing integrated consideration of the environmental, social and economic impacts of co-location/displacement has been proposed in research project MMO 1049. Some of the recommendations have been implemented. There is a need to create a coherent Coexistence Assessment process, consisting of interaction tables and assessments tools which will inform the development of marine plan policies on colocation. This will help applicants in the marine licensing process to formalise their response by accounting for the impact of their project in terms of activities that can collocate or displace others. Click here to read more

Evidence requirement R016 – Co-location displacement in the marine area

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