The London Assembly claims that instances of sewage flowing into London’s rivers in 2023 were almost five times the amount for the same period the previous year. The London Assembly used published Thames Water data which monitors discharge from 118 sites across the Thames Water network feeding into 33 rivers and waterways. The data shows […]

A new online tool which highlights where the opportunities are to install nature-based solutions, such as wetlands, to tackle road runoff pollution before it ends up in London’s rivers has gone live. The nation’s rivers are polluted. Along with sewer overflows, littering and misconnected drains, pollution from our roads adds to this cocktail of pollution. Road runoff […]

The London Climate Resilience Review has issued a call for evidence by Saturday 2 September 2023. Making sure London is ready for floods, storms, extreme heat, and drought is important for national security and a chance to build a fairer society, improving all Londoners’ lives and livelihoods. In last year’s record-breaking 40°C heat, schools were […]

BBC Travel piece Few visitors know that London has 640km of waterways – and there’s a serious movement taking place to restore these “blue corridors” to their former glory. Though most visitors to London think only of the River Thames, the city is a myriad of waterways. Old maps show a skein of rivers and […]

Beavers will return to west London for the first time in 400 years after receiving funding from the capital’s mayor, Sadiq Khan. A breeding pair of Eurasian beavers could arrive at their new home in Paradise Fields, Ealing, as soon as this autumn. Conservation groups received £40,000 from the mayor of London to create the publicly […]

The Greater London Authority has released a map of locations of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) across London. London is outgrowing its drains and sewers. The combined sewer system originally built over 150 years ago by Joseph Bazalgette has served us well, but it was designed for a smaller city with more green surfaces. The combined […]

Homes across London remain at risk of being flooded by effluvia as a result of the capital’s Victorian sewage system and heavy rainfall, the BBC has reported.     The London Flood Review concluded current infrastructure is unfit for purpose, especially in extreme weather. Downpours last July, equivalent to two months’ of rain within two […]

Recycled materials specialist GRS is celebrating the delivery to London of its first ever shipment of low-carbon construction aggregates made from Cornish clay mine waste. Announcing the news, GRS said its first sea shipment of construction aggregates marked the start of a long-term deal which would see it transport more than half a million tonnes […]