KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERADelivering Sustainability – Project Description

The Delivering Sustainability project is being developed by Bob Earll  and for more information contact him on his email bob.earll@coastms.co.uk  or by phone 01531 890415

This overview sets out the basic ideas in terms of a project description.


To begin a project that will involve the promotion of the ideas around delivering sustainability and communicate this widely


  • To involve people in the project who actively engaged in delivering sustainability
  • To produce a variety of outputs (see ‘How’ below) covering the  major ideas and methods involved with delivering sustainability
  • To communicate information on this subject by clarifying terms, providing information and making this more available


  • In the years when I ran conferences it struck me that this was the key underlying big idea that provided the rationale for pretty much all projects that were being done thoughtfully in a technical, science based way. There is also a huge amount of socially mediated work (e.g Transition and local initiatives)  that use the key ideas
  • That there is a clear need to get the delivery of sustainability into routine practice
  • There is a lot of jargon and complexity that surrounds this subject and the core ideas need to be communicated more simply and effectively