Bringing together the latest thinking, new ideas, a mix of presenters and a view from those new to the sector – Networks November offers a month of webinars, face-to-face sessions, water dragons and how to classes!

Its year two of the initiative that sets out to challenge thinking on all things pipes & sewers! Exploring the latest policies, the latest research, the latest technology and latest ideas, the month will be holding up a mirror to what happens now.

At the end of the month, we’ll all come together to set out a vision for the future and what are the game changing recommendations! It’s all about future!

If you are: Pipe specialist, manufacturer, Leakage engineer, Innovators, reseachers, Sewer manager, provider of technologies. producing the latest models, using AI systems, part of the regulators, involved in policy making or you are New to the sector – join the sessions, we need you!
The month has started with excellent sessions exploring ‘How to balancing the Trade Offs’ and what do people new to sector think! Join us for the rest of the month!



  • 9th November – Online Session – A vision keynote for research ‘Fast Forward 20 years and what should the sector look like in terms of research’ followed by what is the latest research focusing on water mains and sewers; – Register here
  • 11th November – Online Session – How can we calculate carbon as part of the ‘Net Carbon Zeron’ journey; what does Risk & Resilience mean in terms of our networks? What about the changing climate, how different do we need to think? – Register here
  • 16th November – online session – The leakage conundrum; what does the roadmap outline; what does experience tell us; what is happening internationally and what about metering? – Register here
  • 18th November – Online session – Customer Side Leakage – what did we discuss at the workshop? What can we do differently and how realistic is supply pipe adoption? – Register here
  • 23rd – 24th November – face-to-face sessions at FloodEx show exploring CSO’s and the future; flooding & Droughts, stormwater management and the drive to rapid water quality systems; SuDs and housing; Register here
  • 29th November – face-to-face session (in London) bringing everyone together from across the month to hold a mirror up to how we manage networks, asking the daunting questions and set out what ‘game changers’ need to happen to make real change in the way networks are managed join us in London – register here

Across the month will be some hopefully live demos of work in action! Keep checking back for more information on these sessions!



At the end of the month a document will be produced setting out what the sector thinks need to change – this will be presented to regulators, policy makers and the wider sector, if you want your company logo on the final document, contact

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