BIICL Training Programme Spring 2022

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) provides training that combines world leading research with an applied perspective. Our courses are designed to enable legal practitioners, government officials, students, academics, and civil society organisations to gain expert insights and to deepen their knowledge in areas of international law.

For spring 2022, BIICL will offer a broad programme of training including new short courses designed to bring a wider range of international law topics to participants from across the world.

Each course is convened and taught by international experts from BIICL’s own team in collaboration with external partners, combining academic expertise with practical experience in these fields of law. The courses being offered in spring 2022 are Energy & Natural Resources Law, Climate Change Law, Artificial Intelligence, Law and Ethics, Pharmaceuticals and Intellectual Property, and Business and Human Rights.

Short course: Energy and Natural Resources Law

Ten Sessions: 23 February – 27 April 2022

Bringing together a distinguished team of experts from academia, research and industry, the course provides a well-rounded account of the principal legal and regulatory issues in the energy and natural resources sector, including seabed energy, renewable energy, freshwater resources, nuclear energy and carbon, capture & storage. The course explores each topic from an international and comparative dimension under the broad spectrum of sustainability, environmental protection, and economic development.

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Short course: Climate Change Law

Eight Sessions: 9 March – 27 April 2022

This course offers a comprehensive overview of climate change law and the legal responses to the current climate crisis. Bringing together a distinguished cohort of scholars and practitioners, the course is designed to provide participants with a working knowledge of the relevant legal frameworks as well as to enhance their understanding of the way climate change impacts other areas of international law including territory, human rights, trade and investment. This virtual course is run over 8 weekly sessions.

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Course Fees: The fee for each course can be found on the course page along with details of discounts. Course discounts are available for student members of BIICL and group bookings. BIICL is also delighted to offer 3 scholarships for each of our short courses to participants from communities and backgrounds currently under-represented in the legal community. Find out more about training scholarships.

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