Are you currently facing work-based challenges

that you haven’t been trained for?


Do you need tools and space to think more effectively?



Course 1 – Core Barefoot Tools – Tools which enhance thinking and performance in many areas – including problem solving, decision making, organising ideas, planning, communication and productivity.




Do you need to be more strategic whilst at the same time
getting day to day tasks done?

Course 2 – The Strategic Thinking Toolkit
– vital strategic thinking tools (The SAVI Strategic Thinking Canvas and the Network Mapping Process), and the space to develop a strategic thinking mindset. You will have the opportunity to use the tools for an idea that’s really important to you.


A new Barefoot Thinking Short Course might be for you:

  • Self-Study over a few hours – with application to your own work practice immediately
  • Practical versatile tools which are simple in concept, easy to learn, easy to use and multifunctional
  • Tools that can help fast track your skill development and build confidence
  • Developed from our Challenge of Science Leadership courses

Course Fee – £95 (including free Webinar)

For detailed information on the Barefoot Short Courses Please CLICK HERE

Or email the trainers at

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