Emmanuel Macron: ‘There is no vaccine for a sick planet’ – opening address and Guardian overview

IUCN Marine News Issue 16 is here! IUCN’s one-stop source of ocean-related news from across the Union   To mark the opening of the 2021 World Conservation Congress in Marseille, IUCN’s Global Marine and Polar Programme is releasing the 2021 edition of its Marine News magazine.  Marine News brings you highlights of IUCN’s marine work being implemented around the world including the work of IUCN Commissions, members and regional offices.  Featured in Marine News Issue 16 is IUCN’s broad work on marine plastic pollution, which now covers 5 of the world’s oceans and major seas; an update on IUCN’s sustainable financing mechanisms and beneficiary projects; a look at IUCN’s new body of work on ocean climate multi-stressors, the latest on our efforts to protect mangroves in the Indian Ocean region; ship strikes, aquaculture, high seas governance, deep sea mining and much more.

IUCN summit adopts a motion to ban deep sea mining

Tuna species recovering despite growing pressures on marine life – IUCN Red List

Marseille, France, 4 September 2021 (IUCN) – Four commercially-fished tuna species are on the path to recovery thanks to the enforcement of regional fishing quotas over the last decade, according to today’s update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ released at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille. However, the recovery comes in the midst of growing pressures on marine species, with 37% of the world’s sharks and rays now threatened with extinction primarily due to overfishing, compounded by loss and degradation of habitat and climate change.

A new analysis published 6th September in the journal Current Biology finds that one-third of the world’s chondrichthyan fishes – sharks, rays, and chimaeras – are now threatened with extinction according to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List criteria. A team of experts from around the world assessed 1,199 species and classified 391 (twice as many as in the 2014 assessment) in the IUCN threatened categories of Critically Endangered (90 species), Endangered (121 species), or Vulnerable (180 species). Rays are the most threatened of the three chondrichthyan fish groups (41% of 611 species). About 36% of 536 shark species and 9% of 52 chimaera species are threatened.

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