SWaN Conference

ScienceWater andNature: striving for a sustainable future

6 – 7 October 2021

Abberton Reservoir & Five Lakes, Colchester, Essex




The SWaN conference aims to explore how engineering, agriculture, ecology, and the water industry can collaborate to maximise the use of nature-based solutions. The conference will consider the opportunities and challenges that may arise from changes in environmental and agricultural legislation and look at how we can fairly account for all of the costs, including the impacts on natural capital and society.

This conference will enable us to learn from others about what is working, what isn’t working and what research is taking place. We want to build partnerships from the event to take forward ideas that the UK water industry and environmental managers can develop with others. We need to focus more on nature-based solutions, facilitating sustainable outcomes and to be able to truly understand the costs and benefits that arise from projects – for both the water industry and society.

After a video message by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, our speakers who include Sarah Hendry (Director General, CLA), Ian Barker (Vice President Environment, Institute of Water), David Hill (Chairman, Environment Bank) and Bart Schoonbaert (Director of Environment, Public Value & Governance, Ofwat), will address current issues such as emerging legalisation, tools to quantify costs and benefits, examples of best practice, and spark discussions to help drive future collaborations, innovations, and nature-based solutions.

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