Marine and Coastal Lead Adviser – Cumbria Team

We are looking for 2 marine and coastal lead advisers, you will have a broad range of responsibilities covering the marine and coastal area from the Solway Firth on the border with Scotland down to Morecambe Bay in the south.

The remit of the work is large and your work will cover the marine area (out to 12 nautical miles) the intertidal area and the coastal hinterland. Working with the marine and coastal senior adviser, you will deal with the full range of habitats and issues in the marine and coastal area. Consequently the role will require you to be flexible and adaptable as well as creative in finding solutions. You will work collaboratively with others from outside the organisation, from a range of sectors and within different partnerships.

The Cumbria Team

Cumbria is home to some of the richest, wildest and most remote areas of natural beauty in England. We host more legally protected sites and landscapes than any other English county. The iconic landscape of the Lake District has just been awarded World Heritage status but Cumbria extends well beyond, and includes the English Solway Coast, the extensive North Pennine uplands and the Borderlands. Our residents, visitors and wildlife enjoy a wide range of habitats from the sea and coast, to rivers, lakes, bogs, meadows and fells.

Our landscape scale projects focus on the valuable habitats that local people and wildlife love. We are looking at the outcomes we want and will work with landowners, communities, planning authorities and the fishing industry to balance the needs of people and wildlife, connecting habitats, improving water quality and preparing for climate change, and allowing threatened species to thrive. This way we can work together to secure a healthy environment, economy and society.

Whilst you will work across the full team area you will be the responsible officer for specific sites and you will be expected to develop relationships with land owners and stakeholders and grow your local knowledge of these sites. You will also be given areas of expertise where you will be expected to lead our delivery, develop your knowledge and support other people.

We have offices in Kendal and Penrith and the role can be based from either of these offices.

Role Description:

The role will be highly varied covering protected sites, sustainable development, farmland conservation and marine conservation. Some of the main themes include:

Protected sites casework:  Such as granting consents and assents and working with our sustainable development advisers on various planning applications or other regulatory assessments such as MMO licences or EA permits.

You will work with various protected sites designations on land and sea including SSSIs, SPAs, SACs and MCZs.

Habitat improvements: Working with coastal land owners through agri-environment schemes, SSSI improvement projects, net gain proposals.

Working with partners: Building strong relationships with partners and land owners, helping to identify and develop opportunities to achieve shared outcomes with different organisations and groups on the coast and at sea.

Income generation: Identifying and developing internal and external funding applications for projects on the coast. Maximising potential for commercial income into the team.

Evidence collection: Build our evidence base through monitoring and data collection which will inform management and condition assessment of protected sites


Competency 1: Creating Resilient Landscapes and Seas – Practitioner

  • Provide effective evidence based advice and expertise using your knowledge of an area of biology, ecology environmental processes or other area of technical expertise.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of marine and coastal pressures, impacts, management and mitigation in order to set clear and practical aims for users and regulators and to help inform decisions
  • Recognise and describe the environmental value of designated sites and how they are created and managed. Explain this to partners, stakeholders and customers. You should have an understanding of the relevant legislation and policy.
  • Design your local projects to have beneficial impacts at the landscape scale

Competency2: Putting people at the heart of the environment – Practitioner

  • Use knowledge of sea users, industries and conservation organisations to improve collaboration, develop rapport and build new partnerships.
  • Work proactively and collaboratively with stakeholders and partners to identify and secure opportunities to deliver environmental benefits that people and places need most
  • Take practical steps to enhance opportunities for people to access, engage with, enjoy and take action for the environment
  • Understand and explain the outcomes that we seek in your local patch and how these fit in with local and national issues

Competency 3: Personal Effectiveness – Practitioner

  • Make and explain objective decisions which combine your professional judgement and evidence
  • Act with integrity, addressing challenging issues and managing conflict through being open and objective
  • Be ambitious, identify and adopt ways to make improvements in your team and Natural England and inspire others to act

Competency 4: Work delivery – Practitioner

  • Manage and deliver your workload to meet agreed targets and deadlines
  • Identify, understand and follow the policies, procedures and standards relevant to your work
  • Ability to handle data and information in accordance with regulations, legislation and Natural England standards.
  • Consider the financial implications of your work and seek income for our products and services.

Technical Skills and knowledge

  • Good knowledge and understanding of UK coastal habitats and a grasp of ecological and environmental issues affecting the UK coast and sea. (Essential)
  • Understanding of ornithological issues on the coast and a desire to develop this knowledge further. The role will involve projects and protected site designations related to bird species that over-winter and breed around the Cumbrian coast. (Desirable)
  • Ability to collect, monitor and analyse data and evidence in an appropriate and meaningful way by applying your knowledge of marine and/or coastal survey and monitoring techniques (Essential)
  • Working knowledge of current policy and legislative drivers in marine and coastal conservation and environmental management. Namely the Wildlife and Countryside Act, the Habitats Regulations and the Marine and Coastal Access act. (Essential)
  • Competence and experience in use of information technology such as MS Windows and ideally geographical information systems (ESRI Arc GIS) (Desirable)

We are open to people with varying backgrounds, expertise and knowledge bases. What is essential is the ability and confidence to develop and respond to new situations and requirements.

Driving Licence essential as site visits to remote locations will be required.

Closing date- November 8th 2020 23:55

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