Taking bookings for the next CSL Distance Learning Programme

For detailed information on the CSL-DL Programme visit the CSL-DL Showcase on Dropbox


Since 2009 Martin and Peter from the Barefoot Thinking Company have provided
leadership courses for over 1400 scientists from more than 90 organisations in the UK,
Europe and North America


Ran by scientists for scientists, this is the first course I have been on that has felt tailored to our specific needs
CSL Short Course Participant, May 2019

Click here for upcoming courses on the second CSL Distance Learning Programme (starting 11th January 2021):

CSLD1 – Thinking Strategically (11th January to 19th February)
CSLD2 – Influencing Others (12th April to 21st May)
CSLD3 – Developing your Leadership Practice (7th June to 16th July)

Or email info@scienceleadership.co.uk

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