There have been a host of reports produced during lockdown encouraging a green recovery. As this Green Alliance report reminds us on its cover Boris Johnson has previously committed to a strong response to meeting the challenges of climate change. He has another speech scheduled for tomorrow on this topic and there is also much anticipation of the Chancellor’s July budget statement to reveal real signs of the scale of investment needed. A key point about the Green Alliance report is that the Chairs of main environment agencies, Emma Howard Boyd, Tony Juniper and Sir William Worsley have endorsed its conclusions in a Blog. The Environmental Audit Committee have just set up an Inquiry into this topic.  Bob Earll 

Green Alliance: Blueprint for a Resilient Economy    Following the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, the UK must look to the future. The country is at a crossroads. The choices made now will determine the trajectory for decades to come. At this time of great economic jeopardy, the government will need to be bold and ambitious in leading us out of this crisis. A successful future economy must be more balanced, with high quality employment and prosperity assured for all communities across the country. Out of a time of crisis and tragedy, we can create a better normal. The health of our environment underpins the health of our people and the economy. If it is ignored, the UK will continue to be exposed to devastating shocks, from future pandemics to climate change and ecological collapse. The government has the chance now to lead a recovery that protects, restores and renews. We can achieve this by supporting the resource efficient and low carbon industries of tomorrow. Investing in these industries and creating markets for them to thrive will strengthen the economy and put the UK at the forefront of the global low carbon transition.

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