Learn how to effectively design and run a Stakeholder Engagement workshop with Dialogue Matters

Course running in Kent: 10th to 12th March 2020

Join our highly successful three-day Good Practice Stakeholder Participation course and learn the key concepts as well as the skills needed to secure better outcomes for people, places and nature. The course is tailored specifically to environmental professionals and researchers, and is delivered by an award-winning organisation, Dialogue Matters.

You will learn…

  • Ways of relating to stakeholders
  • Elements of good process design
  • Practical step-by-step ways to design processes, events and tasks
  • Dialogue Matter’s  tried-and-tested techniques for finding common ground
  • Winning approaches for encouraging cooperative behaviour
  • Core facilitation skills
  • Critical interpersonal skills for effective facilitation
  • Proven techniques for facilitating groups in workshops
  • How to handle challenging behaviour
  • Key concepts that explain and support best practice

After this three-day training course, you will be much better prepared to deliver engaging, best-practice stakeholder participation events. This course is suitable for those both new to stakeholder participation techniques, and professionals already working in the sector.

“I have a lot of experience working with stakeholders, but learnt a huge amount on this course about how to improve my approach at work and help stakeholders & myself get the best out of consultation and decision making.”
“This course came highly recommended and it exceeded expectations.”

To request more details or find out more about our work at Dialogue Matters, email us at admin@dialoguematters.co.uk, register online, or phone our team on 01233 813875.

Dates: 10-12th March 2020 (arrival evening of 9th March)
Location: near Wye, Kent
Public Service & Academia: £597 training fee + £425 accommodation + VAT

Corporate Rate: £775 training fee + £425 accommodation + VAT

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Dialogue Matters specialises in facilitating constructive Stakeholder Dialogue around complex environmental issues by enabling organisations and individuals to engage with each other through collaborative workshops. If you need help with a particular project, why not get in touch.

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