This series of Tweets and links from John Curtin and later Defra highlights the challenges of this weather system that got stuck over the UK. Like 2007 flooding this event this prolonged period of rain will go down as yet another event which shook up our perceptions of flood risk and how we respond. The duration and quantity of the rainfall over many days caused many of the issues.

1. The Washing machine – rain – animation – Met Office – Look how our patch gets stuck in the washing machine as successive bands of rain rotate round us

2. One month’s rain in one day or two months’ rain in two days: John Curtin: One map that’s says it all. And most of that rain fell in just a couple days. Ulceby Rain Gauge – which is at the top of the Steeping catchment -recorded 132mm (5.2 inches) of rain from 10/12th of June – June average is 60mm. Response continues to support those affected

The Environment Agency said some areas of Kent recorded about 100mm of rain in the 24 hours up to 07:00 BST. The average rainfall for the entire month of June in the UK is 73.4mm, it added. … Exmoor is likely to see up to 40mm of rain on Tuesday but could have up to 60mm.

3. Lincolnshire, the River Steeping & Wainfleet commentary & links

Defra June 19th    In Lincolnshire, Environment Agency staff are working 24/7 alongside the emergency services to protect people and property after a river embankment breached at Wainfleet. In an effort to reduce flood waters, Environment Agency field teams are operating an ultra-high volume pump, capable of pump 5 Olympic-sized swimming pools’ worth of water every hour away from the town. This is now reducing water levels and the repaired breach continues to hold. The river banks were put under extraordinary pressure because of the extreme amount of rainfall that occurred – more than twice the monthly average in only a couple of days – and subsequently breached. There has been some news reporting that breach was caused by badger damage or could have been avoided by dredging. EA has stated categorically this is not the case.  Ahead of more rain forecast tomorrow, Flooding Minister Thérèse Coffey and Environment Agency Chair Emma Howard-Boyd made a visit to the area on Monday to see the work the Environment Agency and partners are doing to keep the public safe.  Minister Coffey said: “I do believe the Environment Agency and the local authorities working with the fire and rescue service will be able to cope and I just want to encourage people to be safe in the next couple of days”.

Paul Murby:  Lincolnshire flooding: 9pm 12th June. This is the River Steeping at Thorpe St Peter near Skegness as it breaks through one of its banks. Watch the video:

John Curtin  After the dropping of 270, 1 tonne bags the breach on the River Steeping is closed – well done all responders, Environment Agency staff and 27 squadron @27_Sqn – now it’s over to the pumps #Wainfleetflooding

Craig Naylor – Then the pumps took over Amazing engineering by @EnvAgency to build an ultra volume pump. This can move the equivalent of a car sized chunk of water every 2 seconds! 6 artics to move it and normally built on purpose built platform. Field engineering to get it in near to houses and flooded verges!

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