There’s still time to register your interest for our next courses:

  • Coastal processes and management – 12-13 March 2019
  • Coastal structures – 14 March 2019

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Coastal processes and management course

This two-day course introduces methods used in designing and planning coastal engineering and management schemes, and is ideal for those who have just started or are about to start work on coastal management or engineering activities, including engineers and managers from local authorities, coastal landowners, regulators and operating authorities.

The course content includes:

  • Coastal management planning – An overview of the reasons for and history of changes and management of coastlines.
  • Waves and tides – An introduction and the requirements for coastal management.
  • Beach sediment transport/ morphology processes.
  • Planning coastal management and engineering schemes – An introduction to options, appropriate methods and assessing the potential effects of such works.

The registration fee is £600.00 (plus VAT at 20%) per delegate, and includes all documentation, lunch and refreshments.

Coastal structures course

This course provides an introduction to the key issues of coastal processes and design methods for coastal structures, including seawalls, breakwaters, vertical walls, piers and jetties. It will cover:

  • An introduction to the key issues in coastal engineering, vulnerabilities of different coastlines (developed and natural), and the key drivers for flooding/erosion threats.
  • The effects of encounter probability, wave forecasting, wave transformations and depth-limited breaking.
  • Simple methods to estimate wave loads and how to predict wave overtopping, crest level calculation, and armour size determination.

The course is designed for those who need to know more about the fundamentals of coastal engineering and basic design aspects of structures such as breakwaters, shoreline revetments, seawalls, jetties. and elevated decks. This includes coastal engineers, managers and post-graduate researchers. We recommend that the ‘coastal processes and management’ course is completed before taking this course.

The registration fee is £350.00 (plus VAT at 20%) per delegate, and includes all documentation, lunch and refreshments.

Discounts available when more than one place is booked, see website for details.

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