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This is a crisis: Facing up to the age of environmental breakdown

IPPR – Institute for Public Policy Research     ‘Mainstream political and policy debates have failed to recognise that human impacts on the environment have reached a critical stage, potentially eroding the conditions upon which socioeconomic stability is possible. Human-induced environmental change is occurring at an unprecedented scale and pace and the window of opportunity to avoid catastrophic outcomes in societies around the world is rapidly closing. These outcomes include economic instability, large-scale involuntary migration, conflict, famine and the potential collapse of social and economic systems. The historical disregard of environmental considerations in most areas of policy has been a catastrophic mistake. In response, this paper argues that three shifts in understanding across political and policy communities are required: of the scale and pace of environmental breakdown, the implications for societies, and the subsequent need for transformative change.’ Click here to download the report

Planetary Health Environmental Audit Committee Inquiry

The Environmental Audit Committee will investigate the effect of environmental damage and climate change on health. It has started taking evidence. The inquiry will examine this emerging field, including the use of technology to mitigate risks, global interdisciplinary collaborations, and action taken by the UK Government. The Committee is particularly interested in the risks relating to nutrition for UK and global human populations.  Terms of reference: Planetary Health

Click here to see the details of the EAC Inquiry

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