NEF blog and video looking at the issues around quota allocation for the vast majority of the fishing fleet and making the case for a fundamental rethink of that process. Battling the waves around our coast, fishers may seem peripheral to political decision-making, but, perhaps more than almost any other industry, the future of UK fishing is being shaped by Brexit. As a new UK Fisheries Bill was presented to the House of Commons on Thursday 25th October, legislative changes to fisheries is one of the areas that Brexit will impact first. During the lead up to the Brexit vote, fishing was often mentioned, but how much do we really know about the policy demands from fishing communities?

We have produced a short video that presents the voices of small-scale fishers, whose fishing methods have a low-impact on the marine environment. During spring and summer 2018, NEF visited locations around the UK coast to listen to their hopes and concerns for the fishing industry post-Brexit.

Click here to read this blog and description of NEF’s approach but also to view their video – Voices from the Coast’

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