Environment Agency and Natural England have released a new (Sept) update on the Water Environment Grant (WEG). Update Details 316 applications for the scheme have now been assessed for eligibility and scored against the prioritisation criteria. Those applications which are eligible are now going through a process of quality assurance (QA) and checks to make sure the assessments are complete.

An update letter will be sent to some applicants asking for further information to justify costs and timescales. It’s currently planned that letters will be sent from late September. This work will be phased, so some letters may not be received until mid-October. As getting this information will affect start timescales it is not expected that claims against successful grants have to be made before March 2019.  Any issues or feedback – If you have feedback on the WEG process (including if you have decided not to apply for any reason) please use go through your EA Catchment Coordinator / NE local officers and/or the WEG email address. Click here to read the details

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